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Archive: Dec 2010

  1. PBS Newshour Blog: Avoid Eruptions – While Covering Them

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    It took a long time and a lot of persistence to get to the summit of the most active volcano in Indonesia. The trip down came quicker – and went faster than I would have liked. Clearly, I lived to tell the tale – and the biggest personal risk to my well-being came from an eruption of ire among my compadres. More on this in a moment…

    There is back-story for the back-story on this adventure in electronic journalism, but I will cut to the fun part of the chase – notwithstanding the fascinating intricacies and intrigue associated with attempting to obtain an Indonesian journalist visa. Suffice to say shooter/editor David Waters and I didn’t need no stinkin’ special visa to get the job done.

    Covering eruptions while running from them. Click here for the blog @PBSNewshour