Month: March 2017

  • Bipartisan Bill Promoting Nuclear Innovation Exits Senate Committee With Flying Colors

    In a time of deep partisanship, new nuclear tech seeks to bridge divide.

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  • Climate Change Is Killing The Great Barrier Reef

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 3/22/17.

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  • New Radiation-Detecting Camera To Help Speed Up Fukushima Cleanup

    The new device can detect where radioactive fallout rests on the ground surrounding the meltdown site.

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  • Technology, Science, Space & The Environment |

    Soviet Officials Were Complicit In Creating World’s Worst Nuclear Fallout Zone

    A newly-uncovered report shows Moscow knew of the health effects of nuclear tests–and did nothing.

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  • Nellis AFB Solar panels

    Renewables Need More Metals

    Rare earth and other metals are abundant now, but may not be for long.

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  • Music as the First Timekeeper

    How did Galileo use music to measure time in his experiments?

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