Month: April 2017

  • image credit: NatGeo.

    “Genius” review, episode 1

    Nat Geo’s show about Einstein starts with a bang, or maybe two…

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  • From Scientist to Activist

    MIT and Harvard scientist-activist Dr. Geoffrey Supran shares how and why he’s fighting for science.

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  • Transparency, not digital trust busting

    Breaking up the big digital monopolies won’t really get us what we need. 

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  • Meredyth Lamm, trying hard to smile in the freezing cryotherapy tank. Credit: author.

    Cryotherapy: we tried it so you don’t have to

    A firsthand experience of the health fad, and the (lack of) science behind it.

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  • A peer-review of the March For Science

    Dr. Geoffrey Supran, scientist-activist, asks “where did we go right, and how can we improve?”

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  • image credit: Fedor Kossakovski

    March for Science roundup

    Reactions to the science marches around the world.

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