Month: April 2017

  • Space debris becoming an ever more pressing issue

    Experts worry that we might be getting to a tipping point of junk in space.

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  • image credit: ESO/

    Newly discovered planet best candidate alien life search

    This super-Earth is an instant top priority for a new generation of telescopes.

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  • Scientists dive into the political fray

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 4/19/17.

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  • image credit: Rob Gourley.

    March for Science: how we got here, and what comes next

    An interview with Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO Dr. John Nemeth.

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  • Dark matter bridge between two galaxies, revealed

    For the first time, it has been shown how this mysterious substance keeps galaxies clumped together.

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  • Will the changing Arctic ecosystem reverse climate change… or make matters worse?

    Phytoplankton blooming under Arctic ice is likely a feedback loop for climate change, but it is unclear yet if it is positive or negative.

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