Month: May 2017

  • image credit: NIAID

    Climate Change’s Secret Victim: Bacteria

    Surprisingly little research is done on how climate change is affecting microbial life.

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  • Technology, Science, Space & The Environment |

    The Hidden Tragedy of Fukushima

    Our fear of radiation is doing a lot more damage than the radiation itself.

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  • image credit: National Geographic.

    “Genius” review, episode 2

    This episode, set one hundred years ago, resonated profoundly with the challenges women in science still face today.

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  • What can be done with reclaimed mountaintop mines?

    10% of central Appalachia has been flattened, prime real estate for interesting projects.

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  • How mountaintop mining affects life and landscape in West Virginia

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 5/3/17.

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  • The sample set, ready to be tested for conductivity. Credit: Cameron Hickey.

    What a PBS Science Reporter’s Kid Did for His Science Fair Project

    Bringing lessons from the field home.

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