Month: June 2017

  • selected for Knight Prototype Fund

    MOBProd and PBS NewsHour partner project to develop a junk news tracker gets $50,000 Knight Foundation grant.

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  • Why planes can’t fly when it’s too hot, and other ways our civilization can’t take the heat

    …and other ways our civilization can’t take the heat. PBS NewsHour segment, aired 6/21/17.

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  • image credit: DOE

    How can we make fossil fuel power plants cleaner?

    Here’s the tech that could take us to zero emissions fossil fuel plants.

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  • Use Carbon Capture Tech to Curb Climate Change

    It’s virtually impossible to mitigate climate change without carbon capture and sequestration, says Dr. Susan Hovorka

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  • Could carbon capturing make ‘clean coal’ a reality?

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 6/15/17.

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  • image credit: Wikimedia

    Individual states can, and should, keep to the Paris Agreement

    Individual states can have sizeable Paris Agreement contributions, say MIT researchers.

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