Month: July 2017

  • TMT one step closer to reality in Hawaii

    The embattled telescope project finally gets a building permit

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  • Inside: Harvard’s Girguis Deep Sea Lab

    Whale poo, charging sensors with mud microbes, and more!

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  • Miles speaks at NASA’s Langley Centennial Event

    Read the speech Miles delivered at a celebration of the oldest NASA campus.

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  • One of the biggest icebergs ever just broke off Antarctica. Here’s what scientists want to know.

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 7/13/17.

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  • New studies shed light on insecticide’s effect on bees, economic consequences of climate change

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 7/5/17.

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  • Dogs can get a Lyme disease vaccine. Why can’t humans?

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 6/28/17.

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