Month: August 2017

  • Did climate change make recent extreme storms worse?

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 8/30/17.

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  • image credit: Wikimedia

    Antibiotics fatten up livestock… but nobody exactly knows why

    There are no less than 8 different theories on the table right now.

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  • Academic study concludes Exxon Mobil misled on climate change

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 8/23/17.

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  • The Trump Administration takes aim at science again — and again the coal mining industry is cheering

    The Department of the Interior says it’s reviewing any project with grants over $100,000, but has only asked one specific human health study to be suspended.

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  • Throwback: Miles covers 1994 annular eclipse for CNN

    Check out this archival gem, where Miles reports from Texas on the annular eclipse that swept through the country in 1994.

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  • Millions of skygazers marvel at a historic American eclipse

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 8/21/17.

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