Month: August 2017

  • Why this year’s total eclipse is a bright opportunity for science

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 8/16/17.

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  • Pork producers use antibiotics strategically to keep animals healthy, produce safe food

    National Pork Producers Council chief veterinarian Dr. Liz Wagstrom chimes in.

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  • image credit: Wikimedia.

    Fighting drug-resistant superbugs starts with our forks

    We need to take a hard look at agriculture if we want to slow the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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  • Could reptile blood hold the key to defeating drug-resistant bacteria?

    Dr. Monique van Hoek finds new antimicrobial agents in surprising places.

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  • How using antibiotics in agriculture fuels resistance beyond the farm

    Dr. Lance Price explains the problem and potential solutions.

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  • Raising livestock while practicing antibiotic stewardship

    A holistic, integrated model of hope.

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