Month: August 2017

  • Finish your antibiotics course? Maybe not.

    Overuse of antibiotics poses a greater risk for resistance than underuse.

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  • We are running out of effective antibiotics fast

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 8/2/17.

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  • image credit: NASA/USGS Landsat

    How big do icebergs get?

    It’s hard to visualize the massive size of Larsen C’s newest iceberg.

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  • image credit: CDC

    This tick’s bite can turn you vegetarian

    People bitten by certain ticks can develop a severe red meat allergy.

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  • image credit: Elsa Youngsteadt

    Bees can’t handle the heat

    These key pollinators aren’t dealing well with rising temperatures.

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  • Aerobatic pilot flies upside-down. Notice the symmetrical airfoil as well! Credit: USAF.

    How Planes Really Fly

    What you were taught in high school was likely wrong.

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