Month: December 2017

  • Freeing the Internet: open access is a human right

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  • Fixing privacy on the internet requires rethinking advertising

    The world of big, open data has given us undeniably useful services. Knowing the buying patterns of their customers across the country, Amazon can stock warehouses in different areas and cheaply deliver many items to you in two days or less. Spotify can act as your personal DJ, cultivating playlist of new music you will…

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  • The contextual Internet: magic from a given context

    In 2008, I was part of the team that launched the first smartphone on the Android platform. On the press conference stage, we proudly showed off the four apps we had installed. From that moment, it only took five years for the number of apps available for the Android platform to break one million. Nowadays,…

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  • NYC climate change | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Fighting climate change at the local level, with NYC Mayor de Blasio

    It’s been five years since Superstorm Sandy rocked the Eastern seaboard and the recovery efforts continue in earnest to this day. Superstorm Sandy also kicked the field of climatology into high gear, as people debated whether human-caused climate change was to blame for this storm. In the few years that have followed, the science has…

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  • Internet of Things | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Internet of Things, Explained

    Science journalist Jacob Ward breaks down the pros and cons of the Internet of Things.

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  • Net Neutrality | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Net Neutrality, Explained

    Science journalist Jacob Ward breaks down net neutrality.

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