Month: December 2017

  • Internet as a human right | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Internet as a Human Right, Explained

    Science journalist Jacob Ward breaks down the pros and cons of the internet, which the United Nations has labeled a human right.

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  • Blockchain | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Blockchain, Explained

    Science journalist Jacob Ward breaks down blockchain technologies, also known as cryptocurrencies.

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  • Neutron Star Merger

    There’s gold in them thar stars!

    August 17, 2017 started like any other summer Thursday for Syracuse University gravitational wave researcher Duncan Brown. He had just dropped his kid off at daycare and arrived at work a bit early. As part of the extended Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) family, Brown’s hours ahead would be spent poring over gravitational wave data,…

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  • Artificial Intelligence | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Artificial Intelligence, Explained

     Science journalist Jacob Ward breaks down artificial intelligence (AI). What is it? How does it work? What is it good for?

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  • What Happens After The Garbage Truck Takes Away Your Trash?

    Eugene Tseng describes himself as the most “overeducated garbage man” in the world. An environmental engineer and lawyer who teaches at UCLA and Cal State Northridge, he has spent decades understanding what we throw away and what happens to it after the garbage truck picks up the bag on your curb. Obviously, it’s not a…

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  • DRIVEN: The self-driving car’s worst enemy is us.

    Uber has been praised as creating flexible jobs for a wide variety of people, but soon the front seats of several thousand of their cars may be entirely empty. In November, the company announced that they were ordering at least 24,000 Volvo SUVs — the XC90 model — equipped with autonomous-driving technology, with the first…

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