Month: January 2018

  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt | Miles O'Brien Productions

    EPA head Scott Pruitt goes into Senate oversight hearing with batch of scandals

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt sat for a routine Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee hearing today and Senate Democrats tried to make it as painful as possible for him. Pruitt has a history of equivocation on climate, and has made it his mission to grind the EPA down to a halt, which is exactly…

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  • A warming climate causes birds to shrink, study shows | Miles O'Brien Productions

    How are some species evolving to survive in a warmer world? Sparrows are shrinking, study shows.

    A new study has shown that house sparrows grow to be smaller in hotter climates, giving an interesting perspective on the effect climate change is having on the species that inhabit our world. In this experiment, a group of evolutionary biologists tracked the growth of almost 2,000 house sparrows in 30 various areas of Australia…

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  • Scientists sue EPA and Pruitt over advisory board purge

    A consortium of scientists and constitutional law experts has come together to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its Administrator, Scott Pruitt. The claim? Pruitt and the EPA are pushing out academic advisors and replacing them with industry representatives. This is just the latest twist in the ongoing EPA advisory board debacle. Like most…

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  • Dolphins raised in captivity will soon get a new, more natural home

    For more, go to:

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  • How do satellites track weather and climate change? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    How do satellites track weather and climate change?

    Recently, we have been following a lot of climate change related stories, from the unprecedented rainfall of Hurricane Harvey, to California’s devastating wildfires, to the record-setting cold of the bomb cyclone. WATCH: Miles, after surviving the bomb cyclone, ventures out into snowy Boston to figure out what happened and what can be done in the…

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  • NASA and NOAA: 2017 was, again, one of the hottest years on record | Miles O'Brien Productions

    NASA and NOAA: 2017 was, again, one of the hottest years on record

    A new analysis of global temperatures released Thursday by NASA and NOAA confirms that the planet is still warming at an alarming rate. The agencies performed two independent analyses on the newly-available 2017 global temperature data, which showed the world is 1.6°F above the 1951-1980 baseline used. Though they had slightly different approaches and gave…

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