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  • image credit: RMIT.

    World’s thinnest hologram smashes theoretical limit

    Using topological trickery, researchers aim to bring holographic tech to handheld devices.

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  • image credit: National Geographic

    “Genius” Review, Episode 3

    Who knew that Albert Einstein was the Jerry Maguire of his day?

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  • image credit: National Geographic.

    “Genius” review, episode 2

    This episode, set one hundred years ago, resonated profoundly with the challenges women in science still face today.

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  • mage credit: Wikipedia.

    Trump’s Budget Trumped

    Cuts rejected by Congress, science agencies funded through September

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  • image credit: NatGeo.

    “Genius” review, episode 1

    Nat Geo’s show about Einstein starts with a bang, or maybe two…

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  • Scientists dive into the political fray

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 4/19/17.

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