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  • You can now build a 3-D bioprinter for less than $50. Here’s why that matters.

    3-D printing… with living tissue? No, this isn’t Westworld, this is the real world. It’s a growing research trend called bioprinting and a team of Carnegie Mellon University engineers may have just made it much easier to print using biomaterials and fluids. Using off-the-shelf parts, Dr. Adam Feinberg and team have created a bioprinting attachment…

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  • Inside Facebook's fight against misinformation | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Inside Facebook’s fight against junk news

    Junk news, fake news, misinformation–whatever you choose to call it, the internet seems to be awash in these fallacious stories. Top US intelligence agencies have agreed that the organized spread of this misinformation over social networks like Facebook allowed Russian state actors to exert influence over the 2016 US Presidential election. After that election, I…

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  • Mapping Misinformation and Russian Influence Online – with Data Journalist Jonathan Albright

    Top US intelligence agencies agree that Russia meddled in the 2016 US Presidential election using an organized campaign of online trolling and misinformation. The details of exactly how are harder to uncover. Jonathan Albright, data journalist and Research Director at Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism, studies information flow in networks. Recently, he has…

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  • Bots are still a major issue in the spread of junk news. But how do you track them? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Bots are still a major issue in the spread of junk news. But how do you track them?

    One of the most difficult aspects of the battle against misinformation on the web is the pernicious prevalence of bots. These bots are lines of code hiding behind veneers of legitimate social media profiles, programmed to sow chaos through misinformation. Fake news, or what we call “junk news” here at the office, has exploded over…

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  • Whose Best Interest - Can Facebook's Business Model Be Repaired? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Whose Best Interest – Can Facebook’s Business Model Be Repaired?

    The Cambridge Analytica scandal has placed Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook at the center of the data privacy debate. But is Facebook’s ad-driven business model fundamentally incompatible with protecting users’ personal data? And, if so, what can be done to fix it? Miles O’Brien Productions team members Brian Truglio and Fedor Kossakovski hash it out on…

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  • Before Bots Take Over The World, They May Save Your Life | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Before Bots Take Over The World, They May Save Your Life

    We all know one day Arnold Schwarzenegger bots are going to come for us, but some of current iterations may just save a life. In a world where blockchain, AI, and IoT are the current buzzwords, the word “bot” is beginning to become a term that mainstreams it all. While it used to be, “there’s…

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