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  • Putting the pedal to the metal with 3D printing

    The last time I did a story on 3D printing, it was 2014 and there was a consumer rage underway. People were buying the gadgets, taking them home with all kinds of big ideas in mind. But the reality fell short as they discovered the limitations and frustrations in building, maintaining and operating them–not to…

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  • Entering A New Dimension in 3D Printing | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Entering A New Dimension in 3D Printing

    When you think of 3D printing, you may envision useless trinkets, a cheesy iPhone cover, or extruded cheese doodles. But that would be so 2014 of you! In this episode of Miles To Go, Miles sits down with John Hart, an MIT Engineering Professor and Entrepreneur who is leading the way to a new era…

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  • New temperature record brings us one step closer to fusion energy | Miles O'Brien Productions

    New temperature record brings us one step closer to fusion energy

    While we’ve been recently thinking about the nuclear threat from North Korea, progress is being made on a new and potentially game-changing source of energy: nuclear fusion. TAE Technologies, formerly Tri Alpha Energy, has announced that its newest experimental fusion machine, called Norman, has set a company temperature record: 35.5 million degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike the…

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  • Freeing the Internet: open access is a human right

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  • Fixing privacy on the internet requires rethinking advertising

    The world of big, open data has given us undeniably useful services. Knowing the buying patterns of their customers across the country, Amazon can stock warehouses in different areas and cheaply deliver many items to you in two days or less. Spotify can act as your personal DJ, cultivating playlist of new music you will…

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  • The contextual Internet: magic from a given context

    In 2008, I was part of the team that launched the first smartphone on the Android platform. On the press conference stage, we proudly showed off the four apps we had installed. From that moment, it only took five years for the number of apps available for the Android platform to break one million. Nowadays,…

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