Cosmic Origins: a Story Written in Light

Fedor here, production assistant and researcher at MOBProd. I have always been obsessed with science ever since I was a little kid, running around Caltech campus where my dad was a grad student. I wanted to be a scientist, but realized in college that I am better at talking about the science than doing it. I love telling human stories through a scientific lens, and vice versa, as well as trying to wrap my head around tough-to-understand science concepts. In my blog posts, I will mostly focus on science history and the surprising connections between science and culture. This first one, an intro to an upcoming MOBProd web video series, is about the fascinating subject of light. Hope you enjoy!

Light is an amazing thing: it has no mass yet it comes in discrete packets. These packets, called photons, behave like waves and like particles. Perhaps it is this paradoxical nature of light that makes it such a rich source of study for scientists–much of what we know about the universe is because of the wealth of information that light can carry.

Hot things, like a glowing fire poker or the Sun, emit energy in the form of light. This light carries fingerprints of the atoms that emitted it, which is how we know what stars and other celestial shiners are made of.

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