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Chasing Carbon Zero (2023)
Agriculture on the Brink (2023)
Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)
Inside The Megafire (2019)
Why Planes Vanish (2014)
[EMMY AWARD WINNER] Manhunt: Boston Bombers (2013)
PBS NewsHour

Shorter-form reports for PBS NewsHour.


Miles O’Brien and his team are proud to collaborate with today’s leaders in science & technology.
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Purdue University enlisted Miles O’Brien Productions to help develop and execute several multimedia and speaking events during its 2019 Ideas Festival.
Miles O’Brien helped produce this segment for the National Science Foundation (NSF)  promoting hands-on science learning for middle schoolers.
Space Adventures is the world’s premier private space flight company. MOBProd helped produce this video on the company’s history.
MyRadar is a top weather app with more than 50 million downloads. Miles O’Brien contributed to their web series on Hurricane Dorian.
Dassault Aviation is a world leader in commercial and defense aviation. Miles O’Brien was featured in this video on their new flight control system technology.
Avidyne Corporation is a market-leader in integrated avionics systems. Miles O’Brien was featured in their webseries on Entegra Release 9.

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