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  • Liquid water found on Mars | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Life on Mars? Watery new discovery raises tantalizing possibilities

    A huge announcement this week from the European Space Agency: they have found liquid water on Mars. Originally aired on the PBS NewsHour. Previous detections of water on the Red Planet were have all been frozen–though both imaging and on the ground sampling have also shown that liquid water was present on Mars’ surface in…

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  • What Kilauea’s eruption can reveal about volcanoes on other worlds–and possibly, alien life

    Over the three decades it has belched toxic gases and churned out lava, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been a menace to the area that surrounds it. Last week, Kilauea’s eruption destroyed more than two dozen homes and forced the evacuation of nearly 2,000 people. On Sunday, a new fissure — stretching nearly 1,000 feet —…

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