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  • How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market | Miles O'Brien Productions

    How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market

    The technology underpinning blockchain is a powerful decentralizing network architecture that could revolutionize many industries. Now, some artists are leveraging blockchain to help guarantee the authenticity of their work — and ensure that they get paid. PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how digital documentation is putting power back into artists’ hands, even…

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  • Artists harness the power of fire and ice to shape attitudes on climate change

    There’s no shortage of powerful images and video when it comes to natural disasters like wildfires and melting glaciers. But a pair of artists are now using those images in new ways, as part of their mission to warn people about climate change and its devastating impact on familiar landscapes. PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles…

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  • Particle accelerator enlisted to uncover mummy’s secrets

    On the morning of November 27th, a team of academics carted off the so-called Hibbard mummy from Northwestern University for a 24-hour session with a particle accelerator. The experiment at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory used high energy X-rays to further probe the material composition of various objects embedded in the mummy…

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  • Profile: Shira Doron and her Doc Rock band

    Shira and her group of musical doctors, Off Label, let loose after a long day of keeping people healthy.

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  • “Genius” Review, Episode 5

    “While the frame for the last two chapters of the series concerned science, this episode is framed by something more personal: forgiveness,” writes Brian Truglio.

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  • image credit: National Geographic

    “Genius” Review, Episode 4

    “If I had to choose a theme for this episode, it would be Child Care,” writes Brian Truglio.

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