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  • First stars, bees, and chimps: this week in science | Miles O'Brien Productions

    First stars, bees, and chimps: this week in science

    Here’s a look back at this week in science, with stories you don’t want to miss. Space babies The world of astronomy was abuzz with the discovery of the light from the earliest stars. We now know that the first brilliant giants were born 180 million years after the Big Bang. Using a small but…

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  • Birth of first stars, clues about dark matter revealed by new radio astronomy technique

    Some of the most ancient light has been detected, giving the stars their birthdate, helping characterize dark matter, and opening up a new field of astronomy. The Early Universe The oldest light we can see is the cosmic microwave background, the remnant hiss of the universe’s massive expansion following the Big Bang. After that, the…

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  • Dark matter bridge between two galaxies, revealed

    For the first time, it has been shown how this mysterious substance keeps galaxies clumped together.

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