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  • A risky expedition to study the ‘doomsday glacier’ | Miles O'Brien Productions

    A risky expedition to study the ‘doomsday glacier’

    The Thwaites Glacier is the largest, most menacing source of rising sea levels all over the world, and it is melting at an alarming rate. For years, scientists have warily watched it from afar, but in November, a team set out on a perilous journey to investigate what is happening below. PBS NewsHour science correspondent…

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  • How fast are Antarctic glaciers contributing to sea level rise? The largest research initiative in 70 years aims to find out.

    Miami. Boston. New York. Norfolk, Virginia. These are just a few of the many American coastal cities where flooding has become a topic as hot as the underlying cause of the crisis: global warming. WATCH: Miles investigates the effects of sea level rise on cities like Boston. These cities are trying to plan for the…

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