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  • The robots are coming. Will they work with us? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    The robots are coming. Will they work with us?

    In the latest installment of our Future of Work series, PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien visits MIT’s Interactive Robotics Laboratory to understand the “new species” of robots scientists are designing to work alongside humans safely. Though the devices often excel at repetitive tasks, will they be able to function just as well in dynamic…

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  • Rural internet and the rise of gig cities

    At the corner of Market and 11th, a former power building is filled with the comings and goings of life in tech. The signs in the lobby list the sort of bland, upbeat names one might see in any major city: “the Company Lab,” “the Enterprise Center,” “Tech Town,” “Society of Work.” The surrounding blocks…

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  • New York Times Square

    Blockchain Explained For Everyone

    Let’s start with the hardest part of the technology known as blockchain: understanding just what the heck it is. Begin by stepping back and having a look at how you currently access and protect the most important information in your life. You put it away, right? It lives in a single place. Maybe you house…

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  • Drones flying overhead | MilesObrien.com

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: Swarming drones could revolutionize everything from delivery to airstrikes.

    Inside a large, square room at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, a swarm of small helicopter-like drones hums to life, and then rises together in perfect formation. They begin to dance a figure eight together, they form lines of higher- and lower-flying members, and then they settle to the floor and switch themselves off. They’re in…

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  • Yes, ExxonMobil misled the public

    “We showed how in a peer-reviewed study. Then they attacked us,” say Naomi Oreskes and Geoffrey Supran.

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  • Academic study concludes Exxon Mobil misled on climate change

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 8/23/17.

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