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  • How cutting-edge engineering borrows nature’s innovations | Miles O'Brien Productions

    How cutting-edge engineering borrows nature’s innovations

    In the never-ending hunt for new designs that jump, pump, or run faster and better, scientists are finding inspiration in nature. The field of biomimicry blurs boundaries between living things — like the butterfly’s proboscis or the flea’s powerful legs — and the inanimate to spur new problem-solving technologies. PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien…

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  • You can now build a 3-D bioprinter for less than $50. Here’s why that matters.

    3-D printing… with living tissue? No, this isn’t Westworld, this is the real world. It’s a growing research trend called bioprinting and a team of Carnegie Mellon University engineers may have just made it much easier to print using biomaterials and fluids. Using off-the-shelf parts, Dr. Adam Feinberg and team have created a bioprinting attachment…

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