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  • Fast food restaurants step up in the war against superbugs

    An annual scorecard of the industry reports much improvement in sourcing meat and poultry raised without antibiotics.

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    Antibiotics fatten up livestock… but nobody exactly knows why

    There are no less than 8 different theories on the table right now.

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  • Pork producers use antibiotics strategically to keep animals healthy, produce safe food

    National Pork Producers Council chief veterinarian Dr. Liz Wagstrom chimes in.

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    Fighting drug-resistant superbugs starts with our forks

    We need to take a hard look at agriculture if we want to slow the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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  • How using antibiotics in agriculture fuels resistance beyond the farm

    Dr. Lance Price explains the problem and potential solutions.

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  • image credit: CDC

    This tick’s bite can turn you vegetarian

    People bitten by certain ticks can develop a severe red meat allergy.

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