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  • Whose Best Interest - Can Facebook's Business Model Be Repaired? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Whose Best Interest – Can Facebook’s Business Model Be Repaired?

    The Cambridge Analytica scandal has placed Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook at the center of the data privacy debate. But is Facebook’s ad-driven business model fundamentally incompatible with protecting users’ personal data? And, if so, what can be done to fix it? Miles O’Brien Productions team members Brian Truglio and Fedor Kossakovski hash it out on…

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  • Before Bots Take Over The World, They May Save Your Life | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Before Bots Take Over The World, They May Save Your Life

    We all know one day Arnold Schwarzenegger bots are going to come for us, but some of current iterations may just save a life. In a world where blockchain, AI, and IoT are the current buzzwords, the word “bot” is beginning to become a term that mainstreams it all. While it used to be, “there’s…

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  • What exactly does Facebook track and how could we regulate it? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    What exactly does Facebook track and how could we regulate it?

    Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, spent ten grueling hours answering questions from lawmakers on Capitol Hill in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Members of Congress wanted to know: what data does Facebook collect on its users? How does the social media giant use that data? What does Facebook do to protect its users’…

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  • How was this fake news house of mirrors built? An interview with danah boyd. | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Misinformation on the Internet – Untangling the Web, an interview with danah boyd.

    How did the internet become a tangled web of misinformation? Miles speaks to danah boyd, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, founder of Data & Society, and Visiting Professor at New York University. boyd offers insight into the history of misinformation on the internet and the role of social media plays in the proliferation of…

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  • Freeing the Internet: open access is a human right

    Sponsored by Veon

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  • Fixing privacy on the internet requires rethinking advertising

    The world of big, open data has given us undeniably useful services. Knowing the buying patterns of their customers across the country, Amazon can stock warehouses in different areas and cheaply deliver many items to you in two days or less. Spotify can act as your personal DJ, cultivating playlist of new music you will…

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