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  • Miles O’Brien wins inaugural Darlene Schmidt Science News Award

    This week, Miles was honored with the inaugural Darlene Schmidt Science News Award, presented by the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Here’s what the ANS had to say: “O’Brien was nominated based on a 2017 PBS segment on the advances made in nuclear energy systems since the Fukushima accident. He spent two days filming at the…

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  • image credit: DOE

    How can we make fossil fuel power plants cleaner?

    Here’s the tech that could take us to zero emissions fossil fuel plants.

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  • Use Carbon Capture Tech to Curb Climate Change

    It’s virtually impossible to mitigate climate change without carbon capture and sequestration, says Dr. Susan Hovorka

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  • Could carbon capturing make ‘clean coal’ a reality?

    PBS NewsHour segment, aired 6/15/17.

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  • Technology, Science, Space & The Environment | MilesObrien.com

    Demand For Clean Energy Inspires New Generation To Innovate Nuclear Power

    PBS NewsHour segment

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