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  • Climate change woes, Soyuz rocket mishap, ongoing pesticide ban saga: past few weeks in science

    Apologies for the hiatus–but we’ve been pretty darn busy. This summer, I’ve been flying around chasing wildfires and the people that study them for an upcoming PBS NOVA film–you can learn more about this if you sign up for my newsletter. Being busy is good, but something had to give and unfortunately this was it.…

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  • Steve Squyres: On Exploring Mars – and other celestial objects. | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Steve Squyres – On Exploring Mars, and Other Celestial Objects

    Steve Squyres is the principal investigator for the Mars Exploration Rover Program, which gave us the plucky and productive rovers Spirit and Opportunity. With the latter on life support and the former no longer with us, I spoke with him about his amazing run on Mars and what he’s working on now. It’s all out-of-this-world…

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