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  • The danger of coal ash, the toxic dust the fossil fuel leaves behind | Miles O'Brien Productions

    The danger of coal ash, the toxic dust the fossil fuel leaves behind

    Coal ash is a particularly dangerous byproduct of our dependence on fossil fuels. In communities that have dealt with coal ash spills, the incidents sparked concerns about toxins potentially seeping into water. Utilities have been pushed to adopt tougher safety standards — but activists say the companies are resisting rules necessary for public health. PBS…

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  • Liquid water found on Mars | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Life on Mars? Watery new discovery raises tantalizing possibilities

    A huge announcement this week from the European Space Agency: they have found liquid water on Mars. Originally aired on the PBS NewsHour. Previous detections of water on the Red Planet were have all been frozen–though both imaging and on the ground sampling have also shown that liquid water was present on Mars’ surface in…

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  • Water at Fukushima remains as main issue

    The cleanup of the destroyed reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility in Japan is hitting some milestones. Recently, the melted-down fuel of the Unit 3 reactor was finally imaged by a hardy remote-controlled robot. The hope is knowing where the fuel is will help the cleanup crew draft a plan to remove the radioactive waste. The…

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  • How & Why We Need To Get The Lead Out Of Our Lives

    PBS NewsHour segment

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