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  • How do satellites track weather and climate change? | Miles O'Brien Productions

    How do satellites track weather and climate change?

    Recently, we have been following a lot of climate change related stories, from the unprecedented rainfall of Hurricane Harvey, to California’s devastating wildfires, to the record-setting cold of the bomb cyclone. WATCH: Miles, after surviving the bomb cyclone, ventures out into snowy Boston to figure out what happened and what can be done in the…

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  • Stars in the sky

    Tiny Starships: how two students came up with the idea to attach small satellites to existing rockets

    A little more than 15 years ago, a pair of researchers were fiddling around with the best way to give students a shot at putting experiments into space, and they decided on a simple box. Jordi Puig-Suari of Cal Poly and Bob Twiggs of Stanford University took the available technology at the time — a…

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  • Space debris becoming an ever more pressing issue

    Experts worry that we might be getting to a tipping point of junk in space.

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