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  • How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market | Miles O'Brien Productions

    How blockchain technology could revolutionize the art market

    The technology underpinning blockchain is a powerful decentralizing network architecture that could revolutionize many industries. Now, some artists are leveraging blockchain to help guarantee the authenticity of their work — and ensure that they get paid. PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how digital documentation is putting power back into artists’ hands, even…

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  • Miles O’Brien wins inaugural Darlene Schmidt Science News Award

    This week, Miles was honored with the inaugural Darlene Schmidt Science News Award, presented by the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Here’s what the ANS had to say: “O’Brien was nominated based on a 2017 PBS segment on the advances made in nuclear energy systems since the Fukushima accident. He spent two days filming at the…

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  • Mr. Trash Wheel made Baltimore laugh, then clean up its waterways. Can fun messaging improve environmental work?

    Baltimore’s harbor is infamously polluted. One organization has a number of initiatives to try and clean up the waters and make them swimmable by 2020. Their most successful project features a prankster water wheel that collects garbage. Connecting with people on environmental issues may be as easy as making them laugh. A harbor in need…

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  • Entering A New Dimension in 3D Printing | Miles O'Brien Productions

    Entering A New Dimension in 3D Printing

    When you think of 3D printing, you may envision useless trinkets, a cheesy iPhone cover, or extruded cheese doodles. But that would be so 2014 of you! In this episode of Miles To Go, Miles sits down with John Hart, an MIT Engineering Professor and Entrepreneur who is leading the way to a new era…

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  • Network The Earth

    Farming used to be about luck. And until the invention of nitrogen-based fertilizers, which allowed the average farmer to get nearly twice as much food out of the ground, bad luck could spell disaster, maybe even death. Those dark days seem to be behind us. But the explosive reproductive power of humans means our population…

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  • Why The AI Revolution Is Happening Now

    Right now, saying the words “artificial intelligence” at the end of a business pitch is one of the quickest ways to fool a roomful of people into handing you money. The power of the phrase is so intoxicating that in 2016, at NIPS, a top academic conference for artificial intelligence, a group of friends sent…

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